Daria Hannonen

Freelancer | Generalist / Entrepreneur
Ruomi ITS

I have over 6 years of experience in the IT field in Europe, gaining extensive expertise in various domains such as startups, government institutions, consulting, software product development, platform development, website development, and template creation. My roles have encompassed IT integration specialist, frontend developer, full-stack developer with a focus on frontend, UI/UX design, and development based on that design. Additionally, I've delved into Scrum, effectively implementing it in the teams I've worked with. I've also been involved in writing documentation, conducting website audits, and handling various other IT-related tasks.

In essence, I consider myself a generalist, possessing diverse knowledge and experience that I share on my company's website in the form of a blog. My sister and I also run a YouTube channel: Sisters Beyond Borders providing valuable information about life and immigration in Europe, our professions, and career growth. We clearly see the connections between career advancement and personal development, with the ultimate goal of finding happiness in the present moment. Over time, we will demonstrate these connections. I'm always open to professional and personal contacts, so feel free to reach out if you believe I can be of assistance—I'd be happy to help.